Acacia Hotel Davao

Meetings and Events

Aves Aves


Soaring high is a 2-level function space located at the 2nd and 3rd floor, Aves is perfect for eagle-eye ready performances, making you the center of attraction.

Garcinia Garcinia


This standalone 108-sq.m function room located at the ground floor can host meetings and events up to 50 guests.

Mangostana Mangostana


This function room is identical to Garcinia, with a vast space of 108 sqm that can host meetings and events with up to 50 guests for a round table set-up.

Iranun/Yakan/Kagan Iranun/Yakan/Kagan


These identical function spaces are perfect for small group meetings, seminars, and breakout rooms. Located at 2nd floor, the event spaces are fully-equipped with all your event needs.

Grand Acacia Ballroom Grand Acacia Ballroom

Grand Acacia Ballroom

A magnificent setting for large banquet-style celebrations, Grand Acacia Ballroom can accommodate up to 300 guests for round table setup. Its iconic chandeliers that sprawling Acacia leaves and branches definitely make any occasion such a sight to behold.

Durio Durio


Durio is a three-part collapsible function space which fits well for a growing number of guests. Focus on business productivity and we will take care of all your event needs.

Vanda Vanda


This collapsible function space has 112 sq m area located at the 2nd floor. Beautiful and simply elegant, Vanda can be expanded to twice its size.

Wedding Bliss Wedding Bliss

Wedding Bliss